Painting Fairy Tales. Part I

Standing Ovation, Seated

It is Christmas/New Year’s Eve time, ripe with expectations of miracles and magic. The right moment to say a few words about fairy tale illustration, isn’t it?

Who doesn’t love fairy tales, those cruel stories of betrayal, passion, occasional cannibalism, good guys fighting evil forces and prevailing over common sense at the end, supernatural intelligence losing to natural stupidity, and witches doing things with magic recipes that L’Oreal claims to have already tried, tested and is happy to sell you for 50 euro a jar?

Karl Jung believed fairy tales were manifestations of the collective mind. That may well be so, albeit with a twist provided by local climate and national character. French fairy tales are mostly about complicated family relationships of sophisticated people (Cinderella and her status-obsessed stepmother, or La Barbe bleue and his curiosity-killed wives). English stories revolve around the gentleman’s dilemma of serving the king while fornicating with his…

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